Mutant Newsletter #2

Dear friend,

Almost a week has passed since the successful launch of our Mutant-Warriors website.

We are delighted to announce that our subpage on is now live as well!
You can visit us at

Trading card packs for Mutant Warriors will be available available on Saturday October 31th.

Even more users joined our Telegram and Twitter group. We are happy to see the growing amount of warriors unleashing their interest in our channels.

Art from other artists and galleries will be published soon on the R2 Atomichub page.

Friday October 16th we will drop our second set of limited edition promotional NFTs.

Stay tuned for more information in our upcoming newsletters!

– R2 Collectibles & EOS Amsterdam

Card reveal: ‘promo 1a’ & ‘base 4a’
Experiment run 432 - Subject promo1a
Experiment run 432 - Subject 2a