Mutant Newsletter #1

Dear friend,

Last Saturday we launched our website and it was a great success. Make sure to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!
The website contains a lot of information about the set and will be regularly updated with new content.

We received many positive reactions on bringing trading cards of Simone Arena to the blockchain and a lot of new people joined our Telegram and Twitter group. We are very delighted to see the incredible amount of interest in Mutant Warriors!

The subpage of ‘R2 collectibles’ on Atomichub will be online soon. From this page, you will be able to buy and sell digital assets from Simone Arena and other future artists. Packs for Mutant Warriors will be available available on Saturday October 31th.

We chose to partner up with because we are convinced they will have the technical capabilities to handle the kind of mutant warriors we are planning to unleash to the blockchain.

On Friday October 9th we will release our first limited edition promotional NFT.
You will be able to claim free NFTs on a weekly basis using a link provided in the newsletter.

Stay tuned for more information in our upcoming newsletters!

– R2 Collectibles & EOS Amsterdam

Card reveal #2A
Experiment run 432 - Subject 2a